9. PrePrimary (1)


The day our Heavenly Father created little children, He blessed them with zeal, curiosity and wonder! At Wysneusies we enjoy to discover the world with the toddlers. At this school we learn to share, take turns and to love one another the way Jesus teaches us in Luke 18:16b “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

At Wysneusies we have an informal approach to teaching, even though the daily activities take place within a structured programme with the main aim of developing our young holistically. We prepare our Grade R learners in a playful way for more formal education when they progress to Primary School.

The foundation of education at Wysneusies is to lead our children to love and accept one another. We believe that this approach to teaching will not only prepare our children for more formal education, but also for life.

Daily program (DOWNLOAD)

Extra-curricular activities offered at Wysneusies include:

Computer classes, Kindermuzik and Action Sport

School hours:


Admission ages:


Peuterklas (2-4 jaar) – Juffrou Lynette Mentz

Graad 00 (4-5 jaar) – Juffrou Cindy Marincowitz

Graad R (5-6 jaar) – Juffrou Cindy Marincowitz



Grade 00 (4-5 years) – Mrs Rentia van der Berg

Grade R (5-6 years) – Mrs Marcia Hoffman


At Wysneusies we also have 3 assistants:

Simoné Henning:   Grade R

Emily Rankholo:    Grade R and 00

Joyce Mathoka:     Grade 00


We can accommodate up to 85 little ones

9. Pre Primary (3)9. PrePrimary (3)