2. Overview


Our school building was erected at the end of 1906 at the slope of a Dewetsdorp hill. Throughout the years this building and its staff guided hundreds of young souls to the light of wisdom and knowledge. In 1988 the old building had to be demolished to make place for a newer modern version. In the words of Mr IN Steyn, principal in 1988, “At Christiaan de Wet we will continue to transform. The old building was demolished. On its foundations a new building was erected. From here we will continue to build with building blocks of Faith, Hope and Love together with trust in God Almighty.” Today, with a new hostel building and new primary school classes, we still continue to transform.





  • To maintain and develop the Christian character of the school
  • Well balanced learners who will develop their God given potential to the maximum
  • Well qualified educators who keep abreast of new developments in the best interest of the learners
  • A strictly disciplined atmosphere in which a culture of learning and independent reasoning skills are cultivated
  • In their highest priority, namely to bring the light of Jesus in such a way to the learners that they will make a difference in the world, there must be effective co-operation among teachers, parents and the governing body





Code of conduct: Parents and Learners (DOWNLOAD)

Disciplinary system (DOWNLOAD)

General class rules (DOWNLOAD)