8. Hostel

Hostel life, family life…. the backbone of the school! Fun, excitement, challenging, discipline, friends…

It all happens in one space. You grow, you develop, you learn, you share, you are kind, you’re neat, you fight and you forgive, but you are moulded to be more mature and independent.

Two teams of teachers are on duty every day. Boys and girls live and study separately, but share meals together.

Study times are taken seriously and self-and general discipline and punishment must be practised to create a safe environment for young children away from home.

Out weekends are at the end of every month, except if arranged differently. A learner is free to go home every weekend.

Learners come from all over to Dewetsdorp and we try to create a home in the hostel where children can experience a healthy and loving development.

Parents and learners must keep to the rules and regulations and pay their hostel fees regularly. No boarders will be allowed to stay on without payment.

Bible study takes place once a week together with praise and worship on Sunday evenings (this is not compulsory, but has become be a great highlight of the week).

The school builds all its values and activities on the foundation of Christianity. That is what the school and hostel stand for.

Hostel parents:

Mr G. Grobbelaar

Mrs E. Minnar

Contact the school to get their contact details