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Dynamic energy! These words define our school. Why? We move, we bring about positive change, we perform. Where does it come from? We are plugged in at the Source of all sources, the Lord Jesus Christ, first and foremost. The people who personify dynamic energy, are the teachers: excellently-qualified, they constantly commit to getting the best out of every child – academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

At Christiaan de Wet we strive to cultivate learners who: live by choice, not by chance;
make changes, not excuses; are motivated, not manipulated; are useful, not used; excel not compete; have self-esteem, not self-pity; are value-driven; dream big and work hard; can persevere and perform

We’d like our learners to be inspired by the lyrics of Hall of Fame: “You could be the best, you could go the distance, you could run the mile. You could be a hero, you could win the gold …don’t wait for luck, dedicate yourself … do it for your people, do it for pride, do it for your country, do it for your name.


Hier waar die Vrystaat sy heuwels versprei het
Hier in ‘n landskap so wyd en so vry.
Staan ons skool wat ons toekoms berei het.
Kennis en liefde van oral verkry.
Give me the best of your knowledge so wide.skoolwapen
You are the fountain of wisdom and pride.
Open my mind so clearly to see what
All the future is holding for me

Shoulder to shoulder we cherish our school’s name.
Christiaan de Wet you’re the key to our light.
Werk en volhard is ons leuse en strewe.
Trou met die blik op die toekoms gerig.